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In court papers, CBS4 learned Balboa was driving drunk when he hit the 26-yr-old woman leaving her for dead. Last night he turned himself into police and is now behind bars. Balboa appeared before a judge Wednesday morning to learn his fate. “This arrest stems from an arrest of a crash and a death that occurred in 2017,” said the judge. Investigators say Holloway was in the crosswalk of Fairway Drive and Miami Lakes drive just before 2 a.m. when Balboa lost control of his car and slammed into her—launching her body into the air and onto the curb. “This incident occurred on the 7th of December. He came to my office on the 8th. Since that day I’ve been in contact with the Miami-Dade PD,” said Balboa’s attorney. According to court papers, for six hours that night, Balboa was drinking at a bar in Coral Gables. CBS4 obtained receipts from the State Attorney’s Office, showing the attorney racked up two booze bills totaling more than $300.

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